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Racing Car Game Bomb

Racing Car Game Bomb is renewed for you. Speed and driving pleasure are all together. There is a surprisal bomb in this game, do not slow down or you blow up! 8 modified vehicles are designed for you, collect points in game. The game’s purpose is having advanced cars, and to get them, you must be fast. You can make your car qualified with spending your points to speed, repair, brake etc. optimizations. Alongside Racing Car Game Bomb provides four different driving pleasure as the most developed car game, you can start driving in sunny, night and rainy chapters. Car game’s the highest quality hardwares like night headlight, police sirens, in game camera, special wheel options, we offer a wonderful game design. If you want to get a good score, you can select “Best Score” category. In rainy chapter, you will need more durable tires, so you need to collect more points. When you play car game and hit the other cars, your speed get slowed and when you slow down, bomb activates, you start over the game. You are controlling the brake and accelerate pedals. Do not forget, you must be fast and quick. Do not also forget to have high performance vehicles to not to hit other cars. Our Racing Car Game Bomb will make you enjoy driving pleasure and it is ready with new updates. You should have higher performance cars when you play in Time chapter. For this, you should collect points and pay for wheels, repair costs. Don’t forget about the bomb, when you slow down, you will be going out of play. Speed and be controlled is up to you. brake and accelerator must be balanced, be careful to not to hit the cars in front of you. all vehicles can be modified, you can renew the wheels. We designed the car game specially for you, your lights, roadholding and graphics are high. We made this car game more enjoyable with music. Game’s main purposes are collecting highest points and buying other cars. You must spend your points to make your cars modified. With the cars that you bought, you can easily pass day, night and rainy chapters. You can have high performance cars to not to hit vehicles. You should learn to spend you points wisely. You can see how the modify cars, how to select colors with your spending points. We added 10 different color options to each car to make you drive your car with willing color. Let’s start playing Racing Car Game Bomb! We designed the game and modified cars for you. Points, cars, speed and brake, four different chapter awaits. Racing Car Game Bomb is ready for you to play. High performance and quality cars are waiting for you. Do not let the bomb explode! Have fun.