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Craft Tetris

Be ready to play world’s the oldest game! Kids’ fun and brain boosting game is now within easy reach. This game has no age limit. Craft Tetris game is waiting for you, which you can not stop playing and game which helps your brain boost with help of scientists. Different cube blocks are actually a puzzle game. Puzzle games’ the most important feature is games continuity alongside collecting points. Craft Tetris game is a puzzle game and also reveals human’s thinking abilities. Craft Tetris game became a loved game which can be played by every age. Your duty is blocking parts to reach ceiling via placing puzzle like parts to right places. Puzzle game’s original purpose is placing blocks top to bottom as horizontal. It is the 6th most played game in world. Craft Tetris is one of the game which elders recommend to kids. This game’s purpose is make blocks go down and parallelly combine with arrow keys. Maybe it seems easy if we compare with other games, but the game also has difficult and fast levels. To understand puzzle game Tetris logic, you should reach to fast levels. Tetris is suitable game for all ages. Place cube blocks, be careful, turn blocks as horizontal or vertical, make them suit their places, it is as simple as that! Now you can begin to play!